Listed here are some comments from parents and stakeholders regarding pupils whom we have supported through our care homes...

“Our words could never express the gratitude we feel to each of you. Each member of staff has played their part in helping to give Thomas a better, happier life”
“You never gave up on him when things got bad. He always had members of staff to confide in and was never lonely because you never left or abandoned him”
“We are always made very welcome on our visits and know that we can visit at any time”
“He loves being at school and has a good relationship with all members of staff, which are of the highest standard”
“He has had many happy years with you and with all your hard teamwork and one-to-one work he has conquered his problems and fears. Now he is a very loveable, well behaved young man”
“I could never express in words how grateful we will be to you”
“These teachers obviously know what they are doing and they are doing it very well. Lee is getting to do many things that he wouldn’t experience in mainstream schools”
“He even said at the end of the summer holidays that he was ‘looking forward to going back’. That statement says it all for us”

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