Therapeutic Intervention

Horton Education and Care provides targeted learning support. We employ staff specialised in Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia who format and deliver appropriate programmes of work. All individuals have access to a counselling service should this be agreed with them. We also have service level agreements with educational and clinical psychologists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists to support the needs of the children, young people and adults.



Person-Centred Approach

At Horton Education and Care we are proud of the fact that we have created warm and friendly homes and schools with quality caring staff. Our positive approach, reward system, informed choice and non-aversive approach support the development of positive relationships, understanding, empathy and the development of self-esteem. 





We tailor all our provision to the changing needs of the individual throughout each stage of their development. We actively encourage and support children, young people and adults to have an input into the operation of the school and home, through formal and informal means; this includes personal tutor meetings, student/resident meetings, consultation with staff members of their choice and access to an independent person, as stipulated under our ‘Children’s Rights Policy’.

Characteristics of our service are based upon assessment of need, taking into account personal choices, aspirations and abilities. This results in an Individual Education Plan, an Individual Behaviour-Support Plan and a Care Plan, which are responsive to the changing needs of the individual. For year 10 and particularly year 11 students, emphasis is placed upon developing the skills required for their future, whether in further education, employment or training. This is then developed further within our adult service and the provision of a tailored independence programme.