Horton Education and Care provides education to students aged from 5-16+. Our facilities can be extended up to the age of 19 if it is considered to be in the students’ best interests.

We offer a broad curriculum tailored to individual needs to help our students achieve their full potential at the school. This includes:

  • Functional Skills in English and Maths from Entry Level to Level 2

  • ECDL- computer skills at beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional levels. It is an employee-recognised qualification of digital literacy across the globe

  • Opportunities to study for GCSEs, Vocational Skills, Entry Level Certificates and AQA Unit Awards

  • Regular residential and day trips

  • Celebrating achievements through school assemblies and weekly and annual prize giving ceremonies


Horton Education and Care offers play therapy as part of the support available to any individual in our care who might benefit from the chance to explore personal issues or who may be experiencing difficulties.

We also have a sensory room facility aimed at creating stimulating and yet calming atmosphere for students with special needs. It is extremely valuable to children and young people on the autistic spectrum.

Horton Education and Care 16+ provision is accommodated as part of the main school, with access to satellite facilities in the community such as colleges and training providers. It is designed to meet the needs of its EBSD, SLD, MLD, sensory difficulties and ASD students as they reach 16.

In KS5 and beyond, we aim to build on experiences gained in KS4, extending opportunities for the development of choices, independent living and social skills, and providing opportunities for vocational / work-related learning. Off-site, work-related experiences ensure that students have the opportunity to meet and learn from people who have different work skills.

We offer education in the adult residential homes with opportunities to gain recognised qualifications combined with work experience. We put particular emphasis on the development of independence skills and community integration.

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