Horton Education and Care is registered as a provider of children and adult’s residential care and education for individuals with special educational needs, social-emotional and behaviour difficulties, learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD and many other complex needs.

We do not have any special religious or cultural aspects, however, provision will be made for those who wish to follow their cultural & religious beliefs.

The care we provide can be for a short-term or life-long depending on the needs and the circumstances of each individual.


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Placement Procedure

The usual placement procedure is as follows:

  • LEAs generally apply to Horton Education and Care direct. A referral document is completed by the placing authority with details and documentation of any individual they would like to place

  • We arrange visits and interviews for students, residents, parents / guardians, authorities and any other interested parties

  • Following the interview a decision is made regarding the placement

  • Subject to acceptance, a contract is drawn up, signed and agreed between Horton Education and Care and the placing authority. Parents or guardians are notified about the proposed date of admission and any relevant documents are forwarded for signatures

Reviews of Placement Plans

The management team at Horton Education and Care ensures that all documentation complies with any legal requirements for care and education.

All information from placing authorities is supplied prior to or on admission including the necessary LAC documentation.

Within 7 days, 28 days and 3 months of admission, and thereafter every 6 months, LAC Placement Plans are reviewed. A statutory annual review is also undertaken in accordance with the SEN Code of Practice.